Current Organizational Challenges

Nonvalue activities

Business rules based repetitive, mundane tasks

Audit concerns

Increasing regulatory requirements

Process & Productivity improvement

Thinking beyond Automation

24*7 Productivity window with accuracy(Right First Time)

Large scale IT Transformation

Bigger Transformation projects can span across years delaying ROI

Siloed systems

Rising number of external information access & exception management requirements

Legacy systems

Ability to integrate legacy systems especially in banks, insurance companies, telcos and utility companies

Our expertise

Hiring candidates via RPA

Screening of profiles

Selection of candidates

RPA Workshop

Organize and facilitate RPA knowledge workshops addressing several processes across different functions within a specific organization

Assessment & Advisory Services

Conduct detailed analysis to shortlist suitable processes

List operational issues that can be resolved through RPA

Assist in the selection of RPA software/tool selection

Technical skillset

Proven industry expertise in UiPath , MS Bot Framework, Dialogflow.


Design and development of pilot/PoC

Basic Automation

Enhanced Automation

Algorithmic Automation

Production, Maintenance and Support

Bring the best practices to further monitor,optimize and improve automation deployments


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