Ecommerce Services and Support

We can set up a dedicated Application Support team responsible for the Maintenance of the Platform, Bug fixes and as well as new enhancements and Change requests.

DevOps and 24/ 7 Platform Monitoring
Handle all deployments (Major, Minor and Hotfix) and check for application availability. We can set up a remote platform monitoring platform and a team who does the regular checks and monitor the platform and alert the stakeholders in case any anomalies in the Platform from Infrastructure POV.

L1 Incident Management and Data corrections

Our team can integrate with the existing Application Development team and handle the L1 support. We can improve the response times and can effectively triage the incidents and provide data correction or configuration solutions or route it to the Maintenance team for further corrections.

Quality Assurance

Our team can work as a Quality control department where we can effectively verify every change before pushed into Production with defined quality framework by performing the required Regression, Integration and User Acceptance testing.

Application Integration

We are skilled at architecting and implementing Integrations to the existing Ecommerce platform of yours which includes PIM/DAM, Content Syndication, Mobile Apps or Customer Service Bot platforms.

Content Master data and Maintenance

Dedicated Content team who will work with your content Heads to execute the content strategy which includes create ,cleanse and maintain the content inputs, campaign pages, and translations for ensuring single version of truth.

Marketplace Platforms
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