You are in safe hands for your Cloud Journey. Team Ingwa Labs will ensure a smooth transition of your key services to Cloud.

What we do

Cloud Readiness Check

Cloud Migration Plan and execution

Cloud Monitoring

Development on the Cloud

Container as a service

Manage and deploy containers with a click. We are

specialists in Kubernetes and Docker swarm.

Implement and scale your processes in real time.

Infrastructure and Application monitoring services

Detect health /problems of existing infra using metrics

Find and prompt risks to ensure any application/ infra downtime

Compliance Automation

Collect, store, report and respond to various data and underlying threats the business faces meeting

compliance requirements Add shield to protect business reputation

Implement and scale your processes in real time.

Cloud Migration of Legacy applications

Compete with the best in business by migrating to Cloud

Code and Infrastructure deployment as a service :

using best practices

innovate and implement solutions to deploy

applications and infrastructure as code

save precious $$

ALOPs (Artificial Intelligence for IT Operations)

Find operational patterns in data collected from existing infrastructure

>Detect relations between events and issues to find probable cause of failure, thus saving time

Reduction in positive alerts by filtering out routine ones thereby addressing priority ones first

Forecast workloads by studying the history and ensuring JIT scale out/scale in of computing resources

Automatic assignments of tickets to the right team in the incident management system

Self-monitoring and self-healing services of the environment

Raising alerts about any breaches through anomaly detection techniques

Implement and scale your processes in real time.

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