Product Information Management (PIM): In the context of business and E-Commerce, PIM refers to software systems that help organizations manage and centralize information about their products.This includes details such as product descriptions,specifications,pricing,digital images and other relevant product data. PIM systems are used to maintain consistent and accurate product information across different sales channels and platforms.

"Single Version of Truth" Master data is the key to future growth.

Our team has rich experience in auditing, implementing and supporting PIM systemss

Strong knowledge of Master Data Management, PIM , Digital Asset Management and Data Syndication Systems

What we bring to the table…

Capabilities in PIM/GDSN/MDM/DAM etc.,
Architected, engineered, deployed and supporting the world’s largest and highly mission critical GDSN data pool (90% of barcoded products)
PIM Implementation experience for largest retailer in Japan Harmonized 10+ merchandising and logistics systems to feed/feed-off from a central PIM
Rich Experience working with Leading Retailers, Etailers and CPG Companies in helping them modernize their IT landscape as well as formulating Digital and Data Strategy
Agile product engineering background Focus on constant evolution of the product
PIM Readiness Audits, As-Is and To-Be Architecture for PIM , Data Trails and Detail Data Modelling
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