Key challenges

Some of the key challenges faced by enterprises in managing operations cost include

  • Large amounts of low complexity repetitive tasks
  • Increasing regulatory requirements
  • Siloed systems that are not connected
  • Sizable amounts of unstructured data inputs including faxes, invoices, PDF, email and spreadsheets
  • External Information access requirements
  • Rising exception management needs
  • Corporate reduction of desktop solutions due to audit concerns
  • Rising wages in traditional offshore labor markets

Ingwalabs Offers

Hiring RPA candidates
Screening of profiles
Interview and selection of candidates for the job

RPA Workshop
We organize and facilitate RPA knowledge workshops addressing several processes across different functions within a specific organization. Helps in which processes can be automated.

Conduct a detailed analysis to shortlist the processes suitable for RPA. List the operational issues that can be resolved through RPA. Assess their feasibility and impact.

Advisory Services
We assist in the selection of RPA Software / Tool Selection.

Design and development of a quick Pilot / Proof of Concept
we can do Basic Automation
  • Human-triggered
  • Increasing regulatory requirements
  • Simple rules-based
  • Single system
  • Screen scraping, scripts
  • macros, workflows
we can do Enhanced Automation
  • Supported by basic analytics / decision support
  • Optical Character Recognition (OCR)
  • Intelligent document processing
  • Structured and unstructured data
  • Simple web chatbot integration (e.g. FAQ)
we can do Algorithmic Automation
  • Complex processes and decisions
  • Supported by predictive / prescriptive analytics
  • Machine learning, narrow intelligence, basic reasoning
  • Unstructured & big data
  • IoT integration
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP), chatbots

Production, Maintenance and Support
Our Support Services brings the best practices to further monitor, optimize and improve automation deployments.